Science Oxford Visit

Today our hall (and classrooms) were full of wonder


Our Year 5 and Year 1 children walked in to the hall this morning to see a Planetarium set up. We spent the morning travelling through Space. Our children were sat inside the blow up structure and space was projected all around them.


Our guide from Science Oxford took us to the moon and around the stars explaining day and night, months, years and the seasons.


The children loved it.


Then, this afternoon Year 2 and Year 6 were lucky enough to have workshops in their class. Year 2 took part in ‘Creature Creations’ where they experimented and created their own unique creatures.


Year 6 channelled their inner Wallace and Darwin to look at evolution and natural selection, focusing on beaks, just like the finches of Darwin and which would be the most effective and thus likeliest to survive and reproduce.


It is safe to say all of our children, and staff, had a wonderful day.


We are already in the process of booking in workshops for Y3,4 and EYFS as it was too good to miss.