These are our whole school core values:

Trust, Respect, Love and Truth.

They help us to know what we need to do to promote the ethos and belief of our school.



(1 Cor 16:14)

And now faith, hope and love abide, these three; and the greatest of these IS love.

(1 Cor13:13)

The heart of the gospel is love


The word love should inspire every aspect of life in the school.

  • Love will inspire the school community to demonstrate its care in aiming to achieve the highest possible standards in all aspects of life.
  • A loving response to life will enable all pupils, parents, teachers and governors to fulfil their vocation.
  • We aspire to cultivate in our lives a personal relationship with God, based on love, trust  and prayer in  an endeavour to foster the growth of faith.
  • We aspire to develop Christ-like attitudes and behaviour in regard to, for example, school policies and their implementation, in approaches to governance and management and all the relationships within the school community


Through our mission statement the school sets out to fulfil our aims:

  • To give value to the gospel teaching through worship and celebration and in our everyday lives.
  • To promote a sense of fairness and high standards of behaviour.
  • To encourage care and respect for others and to encourage pupils to take responsibility for themselves and their behaviour.
  • To encourage children and adults to take personal pride in themselves, their achievements and their school and to value and respect their own and other cultures.
  • To provide an attractive, safe, stimulating environment and high standards of display throughout the school.
  • To provide an environment with a calm, caring atmosphere where every individual feels valued, safe, secure and confident enough to actively participate in a learning environment.
  • To provide a broad, balanced and challenging curriculum.
  • To develop learning through purposeful play and talk, through direct experience and through exploratory and creative play.
  • To establish high standards of teaching and learning and continuing progress through schemes of work, team planning, careful research, systematic recording and assessment of individual progress.
  • To provide a continuum of support for all children who have special educational needs.
  • To enable every child to reach their full potential through a broad, balanced, stimulating curriculum including the National Curriculum and life skills.
  • To enable all pupils to gain skills and achieve independence.
  • To develop pupils imagination, creativity, and aesthetic awareness.
  • To promote an awareness of health and healthy lifestyle.



  • To make appropriate use of the knowledge, skills and expertise of human resources within the school and the wider community.
  • To provide the opportunity for all staff to develop their personal expertise and professional skills.



  • To share the financial resources of the school appropriately to ensure suitable. adequate resources which are well organised and distributed.
  • To ensure good use of human resources within the school.



  • To maintain the fabric of the school to ensure a pleasing, safe environment.
  • To make effective and appropriate use of the accommodation around the school.



  • To encourage parents and governors to share their knowledge and skills within the school.
  • To encourage children to feel part of the local and wider community and contribute to the life of those communities.
  • To develop a cooperative working relationship between all staff, governors and parents where they are enabled to gain a sense of identity and belonging to the family of the school.



  • To provide opportunities for spiritual, moral, social and cultural education, satisfying the needs of all pupils and providing equal opportunities and equal access for all.
  • To actively promote race equality within our school community.
  • To maintain and continue to promote high standards of learning and behaviour.
  • To be creative and appreciate the creative expression of others.
  • To ensure all pupils have access to quality teaching in appropriately sized classes.
  • To foster and develop pupils’ innate curiosity.