Lenten reflection 7th March

“For I was hungry and you gave me food…” Matthew 25:35

Christ’s call in the gospel today is a challenging one. In serving others who are hungry, thirsty, sick or in prison, we are growing closer to Christ himself.

Sister Anthonia helps many children and pregnant or breastfeeding women in Sierra Leone, making sure that they are getting the right food they need to be strong.

She teaches the women how to make beni mix, a nutritious paste of sesame, rice, fish, beans and ground nuts, which helps the children to stay healthy and to grow well.

The Sisters have also set up village savings and loans associations in local communities. These give women the chance to save and to access loans to start new small businesses or buy essentials for their children. These loans are a lifeline.

Sister Anthonia, through your support, is able to provide food for those who are hungry.

But what about the times when we feel unable to help others? When we do not have the time, money, skills or resources to help as we might wish?

Christ’s invitation to feed him through our brothers and sisters is not about being an expert, or about solving every problem. It is about treating every person we meet with dignity and respect, recognising Christ in them. It is about walking alongside them and listening, inviting them to the table so that they can make their voices heard.

Every time we meet someone, or hear their story from across the world, it has the potential to touch us and to change both our lives.

So today, let us open our eyes to recognise Christ in one another – in all those we meet and all those whose stories we hear – and be moved to treat one another accordingly.