Lenten Reflection – 4th April

“I am the light of the world; anyone who follows me will not be walking in the dark; he will have the light of life.” John 8:12


The Pharisees struggle to believe Jesus when he says that he is the light of the world. They accuse Jesus of testifying on his own behalf. The Law at the time only accepted testimony if there were two witnesses to the same thing.

The Pharisees’ hearts and minds are closed to Jesus and so they cannot come to know God better in the way that Jesus is offering them.

But what about us? Do we believe Jesus’ words? Do we really view his presence in our lives as a light, leading the way even in times of darkness?

When we struggle to hold onto these words, perhaps we can rely on the witness of others. Instead of shutting Jesus out, we can look for his presence in our brothers and sisters throughout the world.

There are some people whose steadfast faith really does shine like a beacon in their lives. They do not seem to stumble in the darkness, but follow a true path, displaying love and grace to those they meet on the way. Through them the light of God shines through to others.

Sister Anthonia is one of these people. A religious sister in Sierra Leone, she has dedicated her life to God and to supporting people in poor communities. It is the love of God that motivates her and keeps her going when things are tough.

“This is God’s work,” she says of the support that she gave to mother Amie and her undernourished child Lombeh.

When she was asked if she had a message for you, our supporters in England and Wales, Sister Anthonia thanked you for your generosity, which helps to make her work possible. She added, “We pray for you on a daily basis.”

When we are finding things dark, let us look for Christ’s light in our lives. And for others who are struggling to make their way, let us do our best to shine our own light, through our actions, our gifts and our prayers.