Lenten Reflection – 29th March

“Fish will be very plentiful, for wherever the water goes it brings health, and life teems wherever the river flows.” Ezekiel 47:9


The prophet Ezekiel tells of a river that causes fruitful trees to grow and that teems with life. Fish will be plentiful and the water will bring health to all.

Plentiful fish is something that Massah in Sierra Leone knows all about. She buys fish from the distant towns of Kenema or Tombo to sell in her community, having set up her business with a loan from Sister Anthonia at the nearby Handmaid Sisters’ Clinic.

Massah’s fish business has made a difference to her own life and also to the life of her community. She says, “Because of my hard work and the impression I made…, Sister Anthonia said: ‘This kind of support will not only stop with you.’”

The Sisters talked to some of the other women in the community and set up a savings and loans box.

Massah continues: “Everyone was happy! That has been a great support for the women… From the box some of us are able to take some money and use it to build a business. Out of this business, the profit we get will support our children for their schooling.”

And Massah has dreams of where her business may go next: “One of my biggest dreams is that I want to get a cold room, where I can store a large amount of fish. That will keep it cool so I can sell it to other people, in other communities. I’d also like to have a refrigerated vehicle.”

Too often, despite the abundance God has given us, the poorest and most vulnerable are prevented from getting their fair share.

This Lent we give thanks for the gifts we have received, and the plenty that surrounds us. May all our brothers and sisters have the opportunity to share in these gifts and find hope for their future.