Lenten Reflection – 24th March

“O that today you would listen to his voice! ‘Harden not your hearts.’” Psalm 94:8

Today we are called to listen to God. To hear God speak to us and to open our hearts to be moved to do what is right.

It is also the anniversary of the martyrdom of Saint Oscar Romero, who was killed while saying Mass in El Salvador in 1980.

This exceptional modern saint listened to God’s voice in the poorest people of El Salvador, and he was moved to try to get others to listen too, to bring about change in his country. He spoke out against inequality, injustice and increasing violence. He called on the army to stop killing innocent civilians.

“Who will put a prophet’s eloquence into my words to shake from their inertia all those who kneel before the riches of the earth – who would like gold, money, lands, power, political life to be their everlasting gods? … There is only one absolute: he who awaits us in the heaven that will not pass away.”

Saint Oscar Romero did not stop speaking out, even when faced with death threats. He continued to try to get the rich and powerful in El Salvador to hear God’s message:

“When we speak of injustice here below and denounce it, they think we are playing politics. It is in the name of God’s just reign that we denounce the injustices of the earth.”

So today, let us not harden our hearts. Let us try to listen to God speaking to us. Inspired by the example of the great Salvadoran martyr, let us raise our voices and ensure our actions speak of God’s message of hope and justice for all.