Lenten Reflection – 11th March

“Go and be reconciled with your brother first, and then come back and present your offering.” Matthew 5:24

Today, we hear how God calls us to be reconciled with our brothers and sisters.

As children of God we belong to one global family, and what happens to one of us affects us all. We are all brothers and sisters.

So, then, we are called to feel compassion for others. To make things right. To rebuild our relationships with one another and with God, so that all of us may reach our full potential.

Today is Family Fast Day, an opportunity to act on that compassion. Through small acts of love, we can each make a huge difference to the lives of others around the world.

Sister Anthonia says that it is love that motivates her work with women and children in Sierra Leone: both her love of God, and love for the people she meets in the communities.

Because of this love she wants to “reach places where people don’t want to go, to be able to touch life and change life for good.”

As we eat simply today, let us do so in solidarity with our brothers and sisters who go hungry. May our love push us to make a difference today and in the future, so that no one is left behind.