St Vincent de Paul – Year Six Class Home Learning

Homework will be given out weekly, to be completed in your homework book.

In the event of a class or whole school closure, information about remote learning will be posted here.



In the event that you are too unwell for school but want to complete some learning at home, or you want to catch up with some learning at the weekends, then use the links below and sign in using your log in details which are inside your homework book.

White Rose Maths 

Select your year group then select the Term.

Select Autumn Term at the beginning of the year.

In January select Spring Term.

After the 17th April, you can select Summer Term.


Purple Mash

Use your login details to access activities that have been assigned for this term


Classroom Secrets – Once you have signed in, then select your year group. You will find a selection of activities that you can complete.


Times Table Rock Stars

Use your login details to access your class’ activities


Virtual Library

Don’t forget to access our virtual library and select a book to read.

Remember to download the PDF to enable it to become interactive.

virtual-library-to-share-PDF.pdf (



In preparation for our part in the PFMAC Musical Performance called ‘Stronger Together’, you will find the words for all the songs that will be performed.

Please practice the words – we will need to try and perform without the words being displayed.


This link will give you access to an MP3 for each song to practice alongside the words



Lenten Activities to do at home

Please access an activity to share at home each week during Lent.

First Sunday of Lent

Second Sunday of Lent

Third Sunday of Lent

Fourth Sunday of Lent

Fifth Sunday of Lent

Conversation cards


Friday 18th February 2022

Dear Year 6,

As you are all aware we are having to close the school due to weather warnings. This is a great shame but I look forward to seeing you again after half term. As for the treat which you all managed to earn, we will find time within the first week back for you to have this reward. For today I would like you to complete the following:


Watch the video link here, and then work through the worksheet attached to answer the questions. If you cannot print the worksheet, complete the questions on a piece of paper.

Y6 Fractions of amount find the whole


Seeing as there is a weather warning today, I would like you to do some research regarding weather warnings and how to be safe in a storm, to create a poster or presentation. You can use news articles to find facts and statistics to support what you are claiming in your work.

Pencil Case

I was also going to hand out a letter today to you with an update about pencil cases. I am very pleased to announce that you have earnt this opportunity so as of next term you will all be allowed to bring in a clear (transparent) pencil case. Please give the letter to your parents and read it carefully to know what you need to bring in.

Pencilcase Letter

Revision Classes

If you have not returned the year 6 revision class slip but want to attend, please could you inform the office asap.

Letter to parents re SATs morning revision classes – Term 4

World Book Day

The first week after half term (Thursday 3rd March) is world book day, for this I thought as a class we could do a book swap. So over the half term I would like you to think about which book you would like to bring in to exchange with another class member. We will be doing an anonymous swap which I will explain further after half term.

Holiday Homework – World Book Day

February Half Term Holiday Homework – World Book Day Potato Characters

Virtual Library

Here is a link to our wonderful online library where you can listen to lots of stories:

virtual-library-to-share-PDF.pdf (

If you need me please do not hesitate to email before 2:30 today,

Have a great half term,

Best wishes,

Miss Perrin