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Friday 18th February 2022

Good morning Year 4,

As you are all aware the school is closed today because of the weather warning.

I’m sorry I will not be seeing you before the half term, I know some of you may be feeling a bit upset that you have missed out on our treat today. Don’t worry, you have all truly earned your treat, so we will sort out another time we can do this!

I have set up some work for you to today, please feel free to do some extra singing practice and mindfulness. I have put links to our bubble breathing and rainbow breathing videos in the powerpoint.

Work for today:

Virtual learning Friday 18th February

Writing: Please look at the picture called the Dragon Writer and think about the questions. Then draw a picture of a dragon with another job and create a dragon job advertisement for this position.

Science: You will be learning about altitudinal zones. Please read the powerpoint and then research an animal of your choice. Draw the animal in its habitat, find out what altitudinal zone it lives and how it is adapted to suit its environment.

Topic: Sort out the words into whether they are caused by humans, nature or both. Then answer the question, Which has more of an impact on the environment? Human or Nature? There is then a big question to answer. Look at the picture from Tiyuana River in Mexico. What would the impact be if all the rivers in the world looked like this?

Holiday Homework – World Book Day

February Half Term Holiday Homework – World Book Day Potato Characters

In the first week back, we will be celebrating the 25th Anniversary of World Book Day, the message for all children this year is ‘You are a Reader!’. In preparation for this year’s World Book Day, on Thursday 3rd March, we would like you to create a ‘potato’ character from your favourite book. We would like you to bring your potato character creations into school on Monday 28th Feb, so we can share them! If possible, please can you also bring a copy of the book, which your character belongs to. If you need inspiration there are photos on the powerpoint too. Have fun creating!

Virtual Library

Here is a link to our wonderful online library where you can listen to lots of stories:

virtual-library-to-share-PDF.pdf (

If you need any help with anything, please email me email me before 2:30pm today and I will do my best to help.

Have a lovely day and a restful half term break! I am looking forward to having you all back in the classroom on Monday 28th February.

Stay safe!

Best wishes,

Miss Tordoff