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Friday 18th February 2022

Dear Year 3,

As you know, our school is closed today because of the weather warnings. I was really looking forward to finishing your stories with you and making them into books but we can do that next term. I won’t forget the homework prizes and times table certificates either!

For today, have a go at these activities:


In our guided reading book ‘The Whale’s Song’, Lilly’s grandmother talks about the gifts she used to give to the whales– a perfect shell or a beautiful stone. Lilly gave the whales a yellow flower. What present would you give to the whales?  Draw a picture of your gift and describe it in detail to make it seem even more special. Use adjectives and extended noun phrases to build up the detail, e.g. I would give a beautiful, glimmering, delicate yellow flower. I think the whales would like it because…’

Purple Mash:

I have added some activities for you to try today.


To finish our ‘Misty Mountain, Winding River’ topic, read this Newsround link about a rare baby ghost shark:

What other rare creatures might be living in rivers and seas that haven’t yet been discovered? Use your imagination to draw a new creature write about how it is suited to its environment. How does it catch food? How does it protect itself? How does it look after it’s young? Where does it shelter?

Half term homework:

Please check your email for details of your homework, you could get ahead by starting it today! You need to bring your World Book Day potato character and your ‘Urban Pioneers’ activity on the first day back.

Holiday Homework – World Book Day

February Half Term Holiday Homework – World Book Day Potato Characters

Virtual Library

Here is a link to our wonderful online library where you can listen to lots of stories:

virtual-library-to-share-PDF.pdf (

If you need help with anything, please email me by 2.30 today and I will reply.

We hope you have a lovely half term and we’re looking forward to seeing you on Monday 28th February.

Mrs Greer, Mr Kenderdine and Mrs McCarthy