St Bernadette of Lourdes – Year Five Class Home Learning

Homework will be given out weekly, to be completed in your homework book.

In the event of a class or whole school closure, information about remote learning will be posted here.



In the event that you are too unwell for school but want to complete some learning at home, or you want to catch up with some learning at the weekends, then use the links below and sign in using your log in details which are inside your homework book.

White Rose Maths 

Select your year group then select the Term.

Select Autumn Term at the beginning of the year.

In January select Spring Term.

After the 17th April, you can select Summer Term.


Purple Mash

Use your login details to access activities that have been assigned for this term


Classroom Secrets – Once you have signed in, then select your year group. You will find a selection of activities that you can complete.


Times Table Rock Stars

Use your login details to access your class’ activities


Virtual Library

Don’t forget to access our virtual library and select a book to read.

Remember to download the PDF to enable it to become interactive.

virtual-library-to-share-PDF.pdf (


Monday 18th July – Home Learning

If you are remaining at home due to the heatwave, here are some Maths and English activities for you to try.

Bring your completed work into school when you return.

You could also prepare a message for Mrs Chapman and Mrs Ball, to thank them for their support. We will add your messages to their cards when you return to school.

Stay safe and keep cool!

Summer Puzzles

Summer Themed Maths 

Maths Code Breakers 

Summer Themed English

You could also think of definitions for the words on the Dictionary Dilemma list below. Don’t use a dictionary to help – we will play the game when you are back in school. It will be fun hearing all your ideas!

Dictionary Dilemma

Board Game = You might want to design your own board game – we could try it out when you are back in class.


Lenten Activities to do at home

Please access an activity to share at home each week during Lent.

First Sunday of Lent

Second Sunday of Lent

Third Sunday of Lent

Fourth Sunday of Lent

Fifth Sunday of Lent

Conversation cards



Friday 18th February 2022

Good morning everyone.

I am so sorry we have no school today – I was looking forward to:

our shared assembly

  • a day in home clothes for all of you
  • Third Space learning for some of you
  • some choosing time at the end of the day
  • perhaps performing a new version of a fairy tale play!

Well, we have to stay safe – always important in school –  and very strong winds are forecast which might cause problems for  children getting to and from school, and for adults getting to and from work.


Here is the home learning for  today.  Please send me your work before 2.30pm – this leaves me time till 3.15pm to reply!

You can photograph your work and send by email, write a word document, or even do your maths on an excel spreadsheet.



Number sequences worksheets.  These are different to yesterday’s.  You can work from the screen or print – I also attach squared maths paper you can print if that helps.  Do the problems you feel comfortable with, then after a couple of those try and challenge yourself.  The answers are on the last sheet.

I also attach a challenging problem sheet if you want a difficult challenge.

This is the video link to our last lesson which you can watch again as a reminder.

Number-sequences worksheet

Challenging Fractions problems


For RE 

Look in the Bible at John 1:29-34 to find out what did John the Baptist said at the baptism of Jesus.  If you do not have a Bible I have attached a word document with the text from the Book of John.

John 1 29 to 34

Think about the words – “God was very pleased with his Son”.

When have we made our parents proud of us?

What do we need to do to achieve this?

How can we make God pleased with us?

Write down your thoughts and send them.


For Literacy

Please look at this link to BBC Newsround

Find out more about the emergency situation across the United Kingdom caused by Storm Eunice.

Imagine that you are a farmer living in the countryside.

Describe your farm and the landscape around you.

Describe the setting when the high winds and rain arrive – what would you see/hear/smell/taste?

How would you feel?

What things would you have to do to keep your family, your buildings and all your animals safe?

I look forward to reading your ideas!

Holiday Homework – World Book Day

February Half Term Holiday Homework – World Book Day Potato Characters

Virtual Library

Here is a link to our wonderful online library where you can listen to lots of stories:

virtual-library-to-share-PDF.pdf (

Have a brilliant half term and get lots of rest!

Kind regards

Mr Verschoyle and Mrs Ball


Music Festival – PFMAC

In April 2022, Year 5 will be taking part in a Music Festival along with all the other Year 5 class within the PFMAC. In preparation for this, we will be doing extra singing practise in school.

However, it would be great if you could also do some practise at home. There are links below to access the resources.

We know how amazing you are at singing. Have fun practising!


Music Festival Resources (Zip Folder Downloads)